Indoor Golf vs. Outdoor Golf

As our world is changing so quickly and many things are moving online and into the virtual world, is the indoor golf future? Golf is famous for its long tradition, and we know lots of golf lovers see it as

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What Is a Good Golf Etiquette?

Golf and etiquette are two words that you probably don’t hear in one sentence very often. Yet, here comes the surprise: golf etiquette is very important for your game. It is essential, actually. It is not just about the manners

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6 Things Pro Golfers Do Differently

It is every golfer’s dream to become better at their favorite sport. Now, while there are so many tips and tricks that claim they will get you there, the reality is a bit different. Sure, some of those tips can

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What Is a Birdie in Golf?

Golf is quite an interesting sport that’s appreciated and enjoyed by players old and young. However, no matter how exciting this sport is, the fact of the matter is that some golf terms can be quite confusing. Just like in

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What Is an Eagle in Golf?

When it comes to golf, there are various terms used to denote specific scores. That being said, not all players are familiar with them, as the majority of casual players play golf simply to have a good time. However, professional

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Explained: All Golf Terms in One Place

Golf is an entertaining sport many people enjoy due to the fact that it’s low-impact, it offers the opportunity to spend time outdoors and can be enjoyed regardless of one’s age a physical readiness. That being said, not many people

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Golf Shoes: 5 Tips for The Right Choice

Golf is an amazing sport that not only engages your whole body but your mind as well. Since golf is a non-contact and low-impact sport, it can be practiced and enjoyed no matter the age. However, in order to be

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Women in Golf

It’s not a secret that golf is mainly a man-dominated sport. However, women have been a big part of this sports history, too. Throughout the years, the female role in golf was changing, and today there are more women playing than

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Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

By now, chances are you have at least once in your life had the opportunity to see a golf ball. No matter if you are a passionate golfer or simply a curious person by nature, you may also have wondered

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10 of the Best Female Golfers of All Time

Golf is quite a popular sport all around the world. However, up until recently, it was considered to be a predominantly male sport. But if you take just a brief walk down the history lane, you’ll actually get a chance

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