What Is an Albatross in Golf?

Without a doubt, golf is one of the most complex games one can play. Becoming a professional golfer takes years of practice and dedication. In a sea of successful players, there are some results that are so rare that achieving them is worth talking about. One of the hardest achievements among all the moves is – albatross. The name of this move came from the same bird, and for a good reason. Just a few players in history managed to achieve this result. So, what does it mean, and is it possible to achieve it? Even though most golf players will never be lucky enough to achieve it, here’s what you need to know about the so-called albatross in golf.


The simplest way to explain this term is the following. An albatross in golf is a specific achievement – a score on a hole equal to three strokes under par. Achieving these results is not easy, since it’s affected by various factors. A professional golf player can score 1 on a par 4, 2 on 5 or 3 to 6. The bigger the number, the smaller the chances of achieving this move will be.

In order to achieve an albatross in golf, players rely not only on their skill and technique. Moreover, they will need a lot of luck, as well as favorable nature factors (like wind). Since there are plenty of reasons why this result is so hard to achieve, there are only a few professional players in history who managed to score it.

The name of this result (as expected) came from the same called bird. Around the 1800s, people used different terms like “bird” to explain something rare and wonderful. Besides albatross in golf, other terms like “birdy”, “eagle” and similar ones became common. At one point, people consider albatross one of the rarest and most wonderful birds to see, which is why they named a golf result after it. The legend of a rare bird stuck, and so did the famous term “albatross” in the golf game.


Achieving a rare score like albatross in golf is not easy. Moreover, it’s so rare that most amateur and professional players have never witnessed it. There is a similar achievement in golf that people associate with albatross. Making a hole-out 3 shots below par on a par 4 is a similar achievement, but it is still not an albatross. Institutions like The National Hole in One Association track the world’s best player’s results including holes-in-one and sets odds, as well as the chances of achieving an albatross in golf. Their conclusion is that the chances of achieving an albatross are slim, which is why most people who succeed – create a history. In other words, the chances of achieving an albatross in golf are approximately 6 million to 1.


Whether you are an amateur enthusiast or a professional player, there are some interesting facts about this achievement in golf. Considering how rare it is, there are (obviously) various factors that will determine one’s luck in achieving an albatross. Here are some of the most common factors:

• Nature – factors like wind strokes, firmness of the ground, and weather conditions will all affect one’s golf game.

• Human-related obstacles – different aspects of the golf terrain will determine the success of the player’s moves.

• The layout of the holes and their elevation. Different golf courses have different layouts of the holes. Depending on their position and elevation level, there could be more or fewer chances of achieving an albatross in golf.

• Shot direction – not every move in golf is a straight line, although that would be ideal. However, players often strategize in order to achieve the best results. Curved moves of the ball are necessary for the golf game, which can be the determining factor in achieving this rare result.

• Distance from the player and the hole. Although this one might seem too obvious, it’s one of the difficulties many players have to overcome. Longer distances between the player’s swing and the final hole make this game as unpredictable as it can be. In order to make the swing and make the ball go the long way, golf players often have to have perfect conditions and a lot of luck.

Achieving success in golf is relative, so to speak. Since this sport takes months (or years) to perfect, some results happen so rarely, that most people have never seen them on the spot. Just a few of the best golf players in history managed to achieve an albatross in golf, which is why this result is still considered to be a rare sight. Luckily, good practice and dedication always make room for improving the game, and perhaps, achieving an albatross one day.



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