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What to Wear on The Golf Course: Do’s and Don’ts

While some golf clubs have a relaxed approach regarding golf course clothes, most have a formal dress code. It’s wise to follow the basic golf dress-up rules to satisfy golf clubs’ requirements and look professional. Moreover, these rules don’t exist just for the sake of formality. They are here to help you perform better as well!

If you’re unsure what to wear, keep reading to discover golf course clothes essentials and off-limits.

Choose Colors Wisely

When in a golf facility, it’s best to tone down the colors. Loud patterned or brightly colored clothes are a distraction. Neutral colors such as khaki and beige are a great choice. The same goes for classics like black and white. Feel free to experiment, but don’t overdo it. If you choose a bold top, pair it wisely with a neutral bottom, and vice versa.

Also, you should always match socks and accessories with the rest of your clothes. Doing so will ensure you don’t look like a fool. Contrasting colors are okay if you style them right. If you can’t do that, play it safe and stick to the basics.

Golf Course Clothes Essentials

You can’t pull off playing golf without golf course clothes essentials. While tops, bottoms, and shoes are golf course clothes you can’t do without, other golf essentials such as caps, belts, and gloves are almost equally important. 

Let’s go further into details and discover which golf course clothes to wear and which to leave out!

Golf Tops


Most golf clubs require collared or polo shirts, so dress accordingly. Tuck them in for a polished look. Sleeves can be long or short according to weather conditions and your taste. 

Ladies can, besides classic collared shirts, wear sleeveless golf shirts. They should look decent with a modest opening.

Choose a comfortable collared shirt that fits. Also, ensure the shirt is of high-quality materials. Cotton is an excellent option since it’s a comfortable natural material with moisture-absorbing properties. However, specifically designed synthetic shirts that allow sweat to evaporate are a decent alternative to cotton. See what works for you.

For cooler days, layer with sweaters, vests, light jackets, or windbreakers.


Don’t wear t-shirts. Shirts that don’t fit are another no-no. It’ll look sloppy, and you want to avoid it. An untucked shirt is another look to steer clear.

Ladies, don’t wear t-shirts, tank tops, bathing suit tops, and clothes alike. Also, avoid showing your cleavage as it’s not appropriate in a golf club.

Leave out denim jackets and hoodies, and don’t oversize.

Golf Bottoms


Golf pants, shorts, skirts, and skorts should be breathable and moisture-absorbing as well as comfortable so that they don’t restrict your movements. Pants should touch the top of your shoes. If you choose shorts, make sure they fall just above your kneecaps. Both pants and shorts should have belt loops, meaning you should wear a belt when playing golf.

Ladies can wear skirts, skorts, and dresses that should hit no more than two inches above the knee. Skirts with shorts built into them are maybe the best option. Capri pants are a popular choice as well.


Denim, jeans, cargo shorts, yoga pants, and other athletic pants aren’t allowed in a golf club. Pants or shorts that are too long are to be avoided at all costs as they look sloppy. Wearing them too tight is a major fashion faux pas and another thing to keep away. Avoid cuffs as well.

Also, shorts that are too short don’t belong to any golf club. Naturally, ladies shouldn’t wear booty shorts nor mini skirts.

Golf Shoes


High-quality golf shoes will give you a firm grip which makes them a perfect choice. Those with hard rubber, plastic, and other soft spikes are a definite yes for a golf course. Sneakers with a good grip will do fine if you don’t have golf shoes.


Avoid metal spikes as they tear up the course. Leave boots, street shoes, sandals, and high heels for other occasions.

Golf Accessories

There are a lot of good golf accessories to check out!

When it comes to clothes here are some do’s and don’ts.


Match your socks to your outfit, especially shoes and bottoms. They should be moisture-absorbing, come to your ankles and not rise above them.

A cap, visor, or straw hat aren’t mandatory but are a big plus on a golf course, especially on sunny days. Remove them when entering a building.

Adding quality sunglasses to your golf outfit won’t only protect your eyes but kick up your style a notch too! There are specific golf sunglasses with customized lens technology that enhance colors and contrast, boosting your performance.

Wear a golf glove and simple jewelry to avoid calluses and blisters. You can also add a waterproof watch. Additionally, wear a belt that matches your bottoms, which is why you have belt loops.


Leave out cowboy hats, fedoras, and beanies, as well as long necklaces and earrings. They aren’t practical.

Naturally, avoid sunglasses that tend to distort angles and distance.

Final Thoughts

There. Now you know the basic rules regarding golf clothing. Following these will not only ensure you respect the golf club’s etiquette but look and perform well. 

Shopping from famous golf clothing brands is most often a safe bet. If you’re still unsure, you can call the golf club beforehand and check if there are any special requirements.


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