Superspeed golf training system

If you want to increase your swing speed and distance, the SuperSpeed golf training system is the way to go! It comes with three weighted training clubs that are slightly heavier than a typical driver, and nearly two years of online instruction.

Following this instruction, you can train with these clubs to gradually boost your swing speed over time. According to SuperSpeed, you can increase it by as much as 5 percent in 4-6 weeks, which means more yardage in your shot as well.

The SuperSpeed golf training system is highly effective, and it pays off because the results are inevitable!

Swingyde golf swing trainer

If you struggle to keep the clubface square during your backswing or do the chicken wing on your follow-through, the SWINGYDE will come to your rescue. It is designed to help fix these common swing flaws.

One end of the SWINGYDE has a notch designed to grasp your lead forearm, while the other attaches to your club grip. On the backswing, your lead forearm should fit into the notch which shows you are keeping the clubface square.

Additionally, it can train you to keep your arms extended on the follow-through to encourage more consistent and powerful contact.

The tour striker clubs

The TOUR STRIKER clubs are incredible golf swing trainers if you need to improve leading with your hands. They encourage solid ball contact, ensuring that the hands remain in front of the clubhead at impact.

They make it impossible to hit the ball correctly unless you lead with your hands. You get instant feedback if you do not manage to do what the club requests. If you struggle a lot with this area and want to see good results, you have to stick with it for a while and be consistent with your training.

The swing caddie sc300i

If you favor learning by analyzing data, The Swing Caddie SC300i is the way to go! It is a high-quality golf launch monitor with loads of convenient features. With Swing Caddie SC300i, you get accurate multiple metrics for your shot, including total distance, smash factor, launch angle, swing speed, max-height, and ball speed.

Since Swing Caddie is a portable device, you can use it when you practice at home or on the course. Moreover, it provides a video of your shot with data overlay, which you can share with your instructor! There is also the My SwingCaddie app that provides loads of swing data allowing you to further study your swing.

Final thoughts

Remember that results will not show overnight. Golf swing trainers are invaluable tools, but they will not magically boost your performance. You have to practice and be consistent if you want to improve your game.

Also, a swing trainer is not a replacement for taking lessons. Receiving advice from a golf professional is your safest bet to become an excellent golf player.

Anyhow, practice makes perfect! Combining practicing with your golf instructor and using a quality swing trainer is a sure way to improve your golf game.