8 Simple Beginner Golfer Mistakes

Golf is a hard game to master, and if you’re a beginner, you’re going to make mistakes. Even pros once made the same mistakes you do now. However, the whole point is to fix them and develop your game. We compiled a list of eight simple golf beginner mistakes and how to avoid them. Read on to learn more.

The wrong clubs

Another common mistake beginners make is choosing a particular golf club because they’ve seen a pro use it. You need to understand that pros have already dialed in their swings by hitting numerous balls so far, and the excellent shots come from the player swinging it rather than the club itself.

So, opt for the clubs that suit you and your skill level. A good option is to buy club sets for beginners, as they offer the forgiveness you need as a beginner. However, if you want golf clubs that match your swing perfectly, do club fitting.

Inefficient range practice

There’s no point in going to the range only to hit the balls with no goal. Instead, focus on what you would do if you were on a golf course. If you practice the actual playstyle of a game, that will carry over to the golf course, and your shots will improve.

Not knowing the basic golf etiquette

Golf involves many written and unwritten rules, but beginner golfers often seem to forget about them. Remember to implement the following rules, as they are the essentials in golf etiquette.

 Be silent when other players shoot.

 Always rake bunkers, fix ball marks, and replace divots.

 The player furthest from the hole plays first.

 Maintain the flow of the game.

 Follow the dress code.

 Don’t step on somebody’s putting line.

 Mark your ball if it’s in someone else’s putting line.

Focus on distance

One of the most common golf beginners mistakes is prioritizing distance over strategy and accuracy. The additional yards from an inaccurate swing can produce a reduction in the number of fairways hit.

To improve your accuracy, try to play par-5 and set a goal to hit more fairways, but don’t try to reach more distance. This way, you will be at the same distance from the flag, but you would be playing from the fairway instead of the rough or hazard.

Overlooking golf swing basics

Beginners are often susceptible to the perfect swing philosophies of various ‘’experts’’ out there, but the truth is the ideal swing doesn’t exist. However, there are three things that you should keep in mind – the posture, the grip, and the alignment.

Don’t get too sidetracked by the technical aspects of the swing because the crucial things happen before you even take the club with your hands. To paint you a picture of this, you could have an excellent swing, but if you aim in the wrong direction, the outcome of your shot will be disappointing. That’s why you should work on your posture, grip, and alignment first.

Avoiding lessons

Many beginners tend to think they can do it all by themselves. This is, apart from being untrue, an egotistical standpoint. Qualified PGA professionals can help you hone your skills in the best and quickest way. However, if you aren’t serious about your practice and want to continue playing golf the wrong way, you shouldn’t waste their time.

Taking eons to hit the ball

The golf swing is complicated, but overthinking it doesn’t help. Overanalyzing can ruin not just your swing but the flow of the game too. Try to save your thoughts for the driving range instead.

Another reason why beginners take ages to hit the ball is that they take too many practice swings. Again, this doesn’t help because you put more pressure on yourself to hit an excellent shot. Next time, try to take one or two practice shots instead of seven. Your swing will likely improve, along with the flow of the game.

Gripping the club too tightly

One of the simplest golf beginner mistakes is gripping the club too tightly. Beginner golfers usually struggle with finding the right grip, and because of the tension, more often than not, they grip the club too tightly. This makes it difficult to complete a full shoulder turn, and they lose the power and fluidity because of it.

Imagine you’re shaking hands with someone. You don’t want to hurt them, nor drop their hand, but to grip it securely with confidence. The same goes for golf clubs.

Final thoughts on golf beginners mistakes

Hopefully, after this little article, you know what you should do and what to avoid. These are some of the most common yet simple mistakes golfers make at the beginning of their practice. However, there are many more slips that you can bypass if you get a PGA professional to guide you on your golf journey. Good luck!



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