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Easy Ways to Carry a Golf Bag

Are you having a tough time carrying a golf bag? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can drastically reduce the discomfort associated with walking with a loaded golf bag by following our tips below. You know what to do – read on and help yourself.

Adjust It While It’s Empty

Make some tweaks while your bag is empty to secure it fits your structure. You can do this by placing the strap on your dominant shoulder and feeling how the bag sits. Then, adjust the strap length to fit you well.

Load the Clubs

Next, load your bag with the clubs, starting with the longest and heaviest clubs. Put those in the sections closest to the shoulder strap to avoid unnecessary pressure on your back. Then, continue adding the long irons into the middle part of your bag and shorter ones in the spare sections. The shortest clubs should be at the bottom of your bag to prevent the bouncing and back-and-forth motion while you walk. 

Distribute Accessories Evenly

Now, add your golf balls, tees, and accessories and distribute them evenly. Although it seems these lightweight items don’t add too much weight, carrying a golf bag so full around for a prolonged time feels heavier compared to when they are outside. 

Don’t forget your shoes, towels, rain jacket, water, and snacks either. Also, make sure you distribute them evenly and efficiently. Doing this will help you keep your balance while walking and carrying a golf bag and ensure you feel comfortable.

Carrying a Golf Bag on Your Dominant Shoulder is Crucial

It’s essential to carry the bag on your dominant shoulder. That’s because every dominant part of your body is more resilient than the opposite side, thus allowing you to walk with less effort than if you did it the other way around. 

Moreover, when you put the bag on your shoulder, make sure that the strap doesn’t ride against your shoulder, add pressure to sensitive areas or dig into your skin, but lies comfortably. If you feel any irritation, readjust it until it feels right.

Carrying a Golf Bag with Your Legs is Essential

When you lift anything untypically heavy, direct most of the weight on your legs because they are considerably more solid than your back. The same goes for carrying a golf bag – put pressure on your legs. Doing this will, again, help you walk with ease.

Leave the Bag and Carry Clubs

Get to know the course, and notice crossover paths that could save the steps. You can leave your bag there and carry a few clubs to finish the hole. Doing this will spare you from weight-bearing and reduce the load on your shoulders, back, and knees.

carrying a golf bag

Make Carrying a Golf Bag even Easier

Below are several tips on how to make carrying a golf bag even easier. Read on to discover.

Buy a New Bag Strap

Consider investing in a new bag strap if the one on your bag causes you discomfort. You would be surprised how doing this can make your walk less challenging.

Empty Your Bag

Emptying the bag is so simple, yet so many golfers avoid it for mysterious reasons. Take your time to go through your bag and get rid of everything non-essential for that particular event. Throw out the trash from the snacks, remove unnecessary rain gear and umbrella if the weather looks good (but keep it in the car just in case), and bring with you only a few golf balls. These small moves add up and will make carrying a golf bag easier.

Invest in a Pair of Comfortable Shoes

You will only go as far as your shoes will take you, so consider changing your golf shoes for a more comfortable alternative if you notice that the problem lies in them. Go ahead and try out different golf shoes and buy the ones that feel the best. 

Also, if you have flat feet, ensure you wear the appropriate shoes for your condition. Changing your shoes can significantly ease walking with a loaded golf bag.

Wear Quality Socks

The same goes for socks. If you wear low-quality socks, you might get blisters. And these surely won’t help you with carrying a golf bag. So, just like with shoes, make sure your socks are high-quality and comfortable.

Play with a few Clubs

Reduce the number of clubs you typically carry with you. Instead of bringing all fourteen, try playing with ten, six, or even three clubs. Motivate yourself to do more with less and make your walk easier in the process. It’s worth a try.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, carrying a golf bag the right way will make it less demanding. We gave you several tips on how to do it. You only need to make sure you follow our advice and enjoy your experience of walking the course.


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