Team Konnect

Ralph Kartzman

CEO & Co-Founder

Major golf addict ! I praise the virtues of golf for personal as well as professional development. Love using technology to enhance my understanding and competence in sport. Former wall street veteran who ran towards the business right out of college and truly enjoyed the relationships built so it was an easy transition to build a new business who's mantra is "connecting" people over the game of golf in the center of Manhattan!

Lee Hetfield

Head of Player Experience & Co-Founder

Co- founder, Head of Player Experience, and lifelong golfer, Lee had a career in debt sales and trading, and as a money manager from 1994-2012. In 2012, Lee started NoHo Rec Room, a lifestyle fitness-focused business. In 2017 Lee, with co-founder Ralph Kartzman, established Konnectgolf to bring the game to the turf-access challenged urban player. In 2018 Lee looks forward to promoting a competitive screen golf series from the Konnect Flagship and beyond..

Nick Castiglione

General Manager

Hospitality professional for over 25 years, Culinary Management degree and small business owner, Nick has a well rounded and passionate approach to what he loves to do; be of service to others and provide the best experience possible everytime and all the time for Konnectgolf's membership. General Manager of Konnectgolf is a position of pride and the ability to focus his expertise in high level event management with local fortune 500 companies drives his daily commitment.

Kevin Dishon

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kevin is a board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy and strength and conditioning specialist who specializes in golf rehabilitation and performance. Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), he uses his didactic knowledge in concert with his knowledge of the game to get golfers back on the course and playing their best. Whether you are in pain or just looking to outdrive your playing partners, Kevin can help you reach your goals and take your game to the next level.


590 Fifth Ave, 2nd Floor 
NY (Between 47 & 48 st)