Amazing Indoor Golf Trends for 2021

The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone in any sphere of life. It has provoked change, growth and brought new viewpoints on many aspects. The pandemic has affected business deals but also the way you play and relax.

With all the safety issues and new ways of conduct this new era has got us up on our feet and ready to react. Although it has not come close to killing off golf, it has certainly caused the whole industry to elevate with indoor golf becoming more and more popular.

A window for new participants to join has opened. With less competition for outdoor activities, the pandemic has provided golf with an opportunity for growth.

In our opinion, golf is one of the sports in the best position to endure the pandemic and its whole new social distancing norms.

So we continue to explore what are indoor golf trends for 2021.

Social media visibility and media broadcast increase

One of the first-hand side effects of the quarantine has been the increase of a television audience. It is not surprising that golf has had a boost in viewers during these times.

Also, there are many new players who are watching events to understand the game better.

We think the biggest surprise is a larger social media presence, which is giving golf an opportunity to expand its base.

Media coverage and social media presents are crucial parts of golf’s strategy to reach out to different parts of the population, with the emphasis on the younger crowd.

If you’re looking at the statistics over 60% of millennials are active on Instagram. The question is how do we make them catch interest in golf?

The plan is to provide more tournament coverage with highlights of all the amazing shots.

It does not matter what platform you prefer, Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok, golf is looking at the task of putting the millennials into the next generation of indoor golf simulations, as a priority.

Some professionals think that people don’t quite realize what indoor golf is or what it does. But if you just look at the numbers you’ll start to see what are indoor golf trends for 2021.

Up up and away with the equipment sales

In the past year interest in and the need for golf simulators has skyrocketed, with systems being sold to the everyday consumer, who now can get golf simulators under $5,000.

At the end of last year, golf equipment sales exceeded more than a billion US dollars.

As the technology becomes cheaper and budget-friendly options are created for the everyday golfer it is reshaping the sport of golf and offering opportunities for golfers to improve their game.

The first thing that technology has brought is swing analysis which can correct errors in your swing.

By recording measurements like distance, clubhead speed, impact, curvature and direction every following swing will be analyzed against and compared to the perfect swing so that the golfer’s muscle memory is built towards the best possible swing

It also influenced the design of the golf clubs. Younger population finds this appealing. As they are more acquainted with data analytics and technology.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Fashion and golf the love that lasts

 As golf evolves the lady fashion follows. It is a well-known fact that on the green you need to look classy and clean. And all the top labels have dipped their toes in indoor golf apparel.

Technology is rapidly becoming a part of everything in our world and golf is jumping on that trend train. Using the top designs.

Because the most significant elements of golf are alignment and stance, designers are on top of the game and developing outfits that help advance the alignment of the spine and neck to maximize the golfer’s game.

So the new gear will provide both functional and aesthetic aspects as it follows indoor golf trends for 2021.

Let’s step into the future together

Evolution is a sign that golf is not going anywhere. Some may consider it old-fashion and even boring, but golf as a sport has shown us over and over again that it is timeless.

There is a big difference between traditional, classic and the new-age, modern. Indoor golf trends for 2021 have shown us that the game is making a great bridge between the two.

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride as golf takes us to the future one simulation at a time.



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