History Of Indoor Golf

Indoor golf in Manhattan is still gaining popularity. The interest continues to grow because you don’t need perfect weather conditions to play the game. You can still enjoy your favorite hobby regardless of outside factors.

Indoor golf underwent an entire evolution, it is not a passing trend. The evolution is still happening right before our eyes. It all started somewhere in the 1970s and it helped avid golfers to perfect their game, take the game to the next level.

It was a divine intervention from both software engineers and crafty game developers who knew the passion for this game. In the beginning , there were some pretty primitive solutions, but since then, the development of indoor golf has come a long way!

It took a huge leap forward by utilizing sophisticated pieces of technology for various aspects of game improvement and competitive play. And the best thing is – it is still evolving to bring your game to perfection.

From novelty to sophisticated technology

When you think about it, just 25 years ago, it was the time before the internet, or should we say, the dark ages of the dial-up internet. Back then everyone owned a computer, but it was far from the sleek models we know today. Just like these old computers, the evolution also happened in the development of indoor golf simulators.

Technology is constantly changing , and you will probably be pretty surprised how much the simulators have changed in such a short time. They are refined, fast and most importantly, accurate and realistic. Indoor golf simulators started just simply as novelty toys but today these elegant technological solutions are recognized as amazing tools to help you perfect your game.

Indoor golf simulator evolution

When we rewind back to these old days of indoor golf beginnings, the old systems used to project the overly pixelated images of golf courses on the screen. Once the golfer hits the ball, the old indoor golf simulator conducted calculations, measured the shot , determined the distance and then showed the next location on the screen. All with quite a delay.

When Nintendo took over, things didn’t change a bit. There were some geometric shapes and more vivid color but that was just a stepping stone on the way. Real, passionate golfers wanted the true experience and they decided not to settle for anything less than perfection. There was also a phase with badly recreated 3d golf courses but luckily, that phase was short.

Today, you can choose your favorite time of the day, create an immersive environment where you can enjoy the game, regardless of the weather or the time of the year. Modern-day indoor golf simulators rely on significantly more technology. For example, cameras can video  your movement and it can help you with more precise calculations of ball and club data. Older models worked on another principle – they measured the time the ball flies between two points. Today, indoor golf simulators measure the trajectory and velocity of the ball so precisely – they show where the ball will land in real life.

Indoor golf around the world

Indoor golf is still taking the world by storm and you are able to play the game literally anywhere. From indoor golf in Manhattan -NYC- USA, to Korea, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Australia… there are no limits to this technology. Golf was a sport for people with a lot of time and a lot of money – but thanks to this technology, everyone can enjoy the game.

The interest in indoor golf increased tremendously between the years 2003 and 2007. It is no wonder that this trend is still growing. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get on track and start practicing. Real golf courses are usually far away and often times, much more expensive. But there is a solution to enjoy your favorite game no matter what.  An indoor golf simulator will give you such useful insights about your game. You can identify your strengths and, more importantly, your weaknesses. If you want to join this ever growing trend, join us at Konnect – indoor golf in Manhattan. We are certain you will be amazed by how things work today!


In conclusion

With the evolution of technology, indoor golf has become more lifelike and much closer to the real game. Who knows just what else is waiting for the true golf worshipers. For the ones who enjoyed this short history lesson and would like to start practicing and perfecting their game – we have the latest technology and simulators. Feel free to join us and we can help you reach your full potential.



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