Advantages of Indoor Golf Lessons

Indoor golf lessons are a great way to boost your energy levels and enjoy your favorite activity. It is affordable and basically, just around the corner. You can enjoy this amazing sport/hobby during the entire year… and have fun in the process. Of course, learning a thing or two about proper techniques can only be an advantage .

Indoor vs outdoor? Indoor golf is not something that showed up on the market yesterday. It is not just some sort of a passing trend – it is here to stay. And the best thing is – you don’t need to pick between the indoor and the outdoor option. They do not necessarily rule each other out. They both help you take your game to the next level.

Outdoor golf has many amazing benefits – it is all about enjoying the wonderful green scenery, healthy competition, you can enjoy the light physical exercise and burn some calories. Yet, it is dependent  on the weather, all conditions need to be perfect to get the best out of your game. Indoor golf on the other hand offers you both fun and an opportunity to work on your technique nearly 365 days a year. You can get great lessons and insights for your game which will leave you confident and prepared to play awesome golf when turf season starts. Golf is a gentle art, who knew that there is so much philosophy in hitting a ball?

Indoors vs outdoors – they do work together on improving your game

This is where indoor golf takes the lead! It is not simply about replacing outdoor golf it is a whole new point of view to this amazing sport. Indoor golf is practical because, with the latest golf technology, you will get real-time feedback about your strike and you will more efficiently refine your movements. Your indoor practice and lessons will correlate 100% with the outdoor experience. Indoor golf lessons are great for your improvement and they are affordable, just around the corner and you can enjoy your favorite sport the whole year-round.

Playing golf outdoors is far different than indoor golf and it is not a secret, but you can enjoy both. People often exclude indoor golf because they want to get the ‘’real thing’’. But in order to achieve a better swing – nothing can replace indoor golf. If you are enjoying your busy lifestyle and it is hard for you to practice your golf skills outdoors – indoor golf is a great choice. You can work on your swing mechanics and on every facet of the game, driving, iron play, short game and putting. You can concentrate on your swing  much more effectively.

Controlled conditions – it’s always sunny when you play golf indoors

Imagine this – you have your special weekend planned and then disaster strikes – wind, rain, freezing snow. You probably lose all your will and motivation when the weather is working against you. When it comes to indoor golf you can enjoy the controlled conditions. You don’t need to suffer in hot and humid environments – because indoor golf offers air conditioning. So you can feel pleasant at all times, and focused on your game and on improving your swing mechanics.

With indoor golf lessons , you’ll get a real time feedback about your performance

You can get great feedback for every swing you make. But remember that it all takes time and a mindful practice and concentration. First rule when you take indoor golf lessons is to focus on only one aspect of the game at a time. Yes, we know that you want to be the next Tiger Woods tomorrow, but golf is definitely a sport that demands process.So one step at a time or it will tend to get very confusing – The point is to enjoy a healthy dose of competition but take the time to refine your swings and find the perfect balance. It is all a matter of practice. Also, if you are a beginner you will experience the closest feeling to playing outdoors. We will get you ready!

Indoor golf lessons in the middle of Manhattan

We saw a need for a place like this for a while now and decided to ”konnect” the dots and create a unique golfing experience in NYC. Something that is approachable, helpful, fun and of course – that can turn a golf enthusiast into a professional. We can help you with all levels of golf lessons from scratch to novice – we have the latest tech and we keep improving it.



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