Konnectperform Online Learning

Konnect is pleased to introduce our online game-improvement platform, Konnectperform.com.  It offers personalized asynchronous instruction plus a rabbit hole of best practices and banked golf intelligence for our members to enjoy and improve with. It is primarily a communication pipeline with our instruction, fitness and PT staff who deliver candid and tailored feedback, form corrections, and reinforcing drills with a vast and growing catalog of 1.5-6 minute supporting reference videos.

Our goal was not to dump a bunch of one-size-fits-all video “tips” in members laps and call it a lifetime of game improvement sustenance, leaving the member to self diagnose their problems.  It is instead: 

  • An overlay of personalized, expert supervision that teaches members to fish 
  • Tailored guidance based on our staff’s ability to observe subscriber’s captured swings 
  • Reinforcement via a video archive of reference videos as a way to amplify and give depth to the personalized critiques 

Members pay a modest fee of $7.99/month ($84/year) (non-Konnectgolf members $9.99/month, or $110/year) and then pay per interaction; they can upload a swing type (e.g. wedge, driver, or mid-iron) with clear, explicit instructions from us, and for $55 (1 swing or club type) or $75 (2 swing or club types), our expert coaches will deliver a clear and thorough explanation of areas for targeted change/adjustment with supporting drills.  Aside from swing uploads, for a mere $20, a subscriber can get our coaching team’s brain, can ask questions and expect detailed and thoughtful answers.   

There is plenty of free golf advice online, but there is what we call a significant “search cost” to finding it, including tortuous ads; with Konnectperform.com you get an information-dense, commercial-free online learning & coaching and lifestyle environment.  

Working with Konnectperform, subscribers in the NYC metro area can come in and have one of our team capture their swing on video, or they can capture their own swing at home, at their club, on a range, in their basement, etc. Then our coaches can give them critiques of their swing, make form corrections, prescribe drills, and refer them to appropriate videos pre-recorded on the site (please email us to make an appointment)

Recent video categories and topics:  

  • Practice Sessions: Error Reduction in Chipping
  • Fundamental Moves & Concepts: Hitting the Ball Right? Try this FIRST
  • Fundamental Moves & Concepts: Early Extension; Definition and Fix with the “Teeter-totter” Drill
  • Course Management: Avoiding Hazards RIGHT
  • Player Focus, Intermediate: Short Game: Managing Launch Angle
  • Player Focus, Intermediate & Advanced: Steepness fix; Identifying and Addressing External Shoulder Rotation issues
  • Player Focus, Beginner: Proper Grip


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