Essential Golf Accessories That You Will Need

Golf equipment does not consist only of golf clubs. Golf accessories can contain a lot of items.

In the following text we will present you the basic items without which you should not go out on the field.

Pay attention to the listed items of essential golf accessories that you will need, make yourself a checklist and your game will be undisturbed.


A divot tool, also known as a divot tool is used to lift and stretch the grass back into place.

So, everyone, even beginners, have to carry them. This is important to keep the course in the best condition. The best way is to carry a few of them in your bag.

Golf club brush

A golf club brush is needed in or on your bag hence golf clubs can get very dirty. So you have to clean your golf clubs.

It is better to have one attached to the bag using a long enough cord just so you don’t have to come back to the bag every time. On the other hand, it could be uncomfortable if the brush is just attached to the bag.

Brushes have two functions and two sides. One side, the hard one, for removing rust or dirt and the other, the soft one, for cleaning with water.

A sharp needle is also important to be part of the brush for cleaning grooves too. This will keep your golf clubs ready for another game and also restrain from deterioration.

Golf shoe bag and golf trunk organizer

So to achieve tidiness, you must have a golf shoe bag, where you can put out your golf shoes. When you finish your game or your round you will certainly bring dirt, sand, or grass into your car.

The other, similar item is the golf trunk organizer, where you can also put your shoes, yet it is handy for extra clothes, balls, and other accessories in one place. This item is infrequent in use.

Golf gloves

The golf gloves are needed to perform the best golf grip. Sweat or cold can block you from good playing. The gloves can be very expensive except that you can spend some time finding the best offers online.

Sometimes you can lose one glove, or they could get damaged so the best solution is to keep a few pairs in your bag.

Rain glove – in case it rains, you must have spare gloves for such conditions as it is impossible to play if your hands are slipping.

Golf balls (new and used)

New balls – It’s always nice to have a couple of new balls for play to prevent bad effects on shots.

Old balls are used for practice on the course. You don’t need to waste a new ball for this.

Here are a few best value golf balls that are not even that expensive:

○ Srixon Soft Feel 2 Piece

○ Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls

○ Titleist Pro V1x Practice Balls or AAAA Balls

○ Noodle Golf Balls

Golf umbrella

Before each game, be sure to check what the weather will be like that day. If the weather forecast announces rain, bring an umbrella for each blanket. Wet hands, grips, towels, gloves, and other equipment will lead to a loss of quality and general ability to play.

Cold-weather gear

If you play in cold weather you need a beanie or wool cap to keep your head and ears warm.

Hand Warmers are primarily needed due to cold hands which can mess up the good game. If you lose feeling in your hands, your swing won’t be natural with the flow.

Golf towel

One towel is needed to clean golf clubs, while the other is used to pick up moisture from grips, golf balls, hands, faces, etc.


Depending on where you play and what time of day, playing in the sun when the temperatures are high could be harmful to your skin and game.

You must have sunscreen with you. Of course, when you practice indoor golf you don’t need sunscreen.

Note: you don’t want your hands to be slippery, so put the sunscreen on your face and hands before the game and not during the game.

Water bottle and snacks

When you practice golf indoors, you do not need drinks and snacks because we offer you a wide range of drinks and food.

Golf tees

You should always have a larger number of tees in your bag because you will more than often forget them in your garage.

Concerning the question about shopping, wooden tees are cheaper but break faster, while plastic ones are long-lasting.

However, you will lose them often so it doesn’t matter.

First aid

Blister tape – it is needed for random cuts and in the first place for blisters. If the blisters are not repaired on time, no matter how harmless they seem, they lead to the impossibility of playing. When you have a blister you are not able to hit

Advil/Tylenol – If you do not have serious injuries that cause pain and if you know what causes pain, it is okay to take Advil or Tylenol. In the middle of the game, it is helpful to take a painkiller to keep the game going smoothly.

Rain gear

Svi koji dugo igraju golf su se sigurno bar jednom našli usred igre na sred terena. Situacija je poprilično iritantna, te uvek imajte sa sobom:

○ Rain pants

○ Waterproof bag for valuable stuff

○ A rain bag cover

○ Rain jacket

Sharpie and alignment sticks

To recognize your ball during the game, it is necessary to mark it with a sharpie or other markers so that it is a mandatory item in your bag.

This is useful when gaming partners help you find a golf ball or when you change it for some reason. You can’t take any golf ball you come across on the course and declare it your own.

Alignment sticks are useful for fixing alignment and improving swing paths too. This could be beneficial for the game.

There are a lot more items that you need such as a Rangefinder or GPS Watch + Batteries, Bag Tag with your Name on It just in case, and also Gadget to Video your Golf Swing, etc.

The essence

There are thousands of new golf items that come to market each year. It can be very easy to waste your money on inferior products.

Another way to play golf, compete, practice, and get better is indoor golf.

Among golf accessories when playing indoor golf you need just a few. Also during winter it is much cosier to play indoors with your family and friends.

It is for you to decide whether you will spend money on, not that cheap ocean of golf accessories or you can play casual golf games without needing all the golf items.



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