How Your Setup Improves Your Short Game

Most golfers know that their short game is what can make or break their scores on the golf course. But many golfers don’t realize that the way they set up the ball can have a huge impact on their short-game performance. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ways you can adjust your setup to improve your short game. 

Line Your Feet With the Ball

The first thing you should do when setting up for the short game is to make sure your feet are in line with the ball. This helps ensure that you take the club on a straight path to impact, which is essential for solid contact and consistent results. Additionally, it’s important to keep your weight evenly distributed between both feet – if your weight is too far forward, you’ll tend to hit the ball too hard and have difficulty controlling your distance. 

Position Your Hands Properly

Your hands are another important factor in setting up properly for the short game. For most shots, you should position your hands so that they’re slightly ahead of the clubhead at the address – this will allow you to release the club more easily and help prevent you from hitting shots fat or thin. Additionally, ensure your grip pressure is light – if you grip the club too tightly, it can cause tension in your arms, leading to inconsistent shots. Softening your hands can also give you better chip shots, as it will allow you to impart more spin on the golf ball. 

Set Your Body Angle Correctly 

The angle of your body at the address also greatly impacts your short-game performance. For most shots, you should aim to have your shoulders square to the target line – this helps keep your swing on the plane and promotes a consistent ball strike. Additionally, ensure you’re bending from the hips rather than just leaning forward with your upper body – this will help ensure that your arms are in the correct position at impact. 

Seek Expert Help

 If you’re still having difficulty with your short game, it may be worth seeking a golf pro to get expert advice. A professional can help you identify any areas of your setup that need improvement and provide you with drills to help improve your technique. Taking lessons is one of the best ways to improve your short game performance quickly.

Those who take this route should keep in mind that finding someone to help you with your setup is not a one-time fix. You’ll need to continually practice and refine your technique in order to achieve the best results.

Check Your Posture

With all of these previously mentioned body adjustments, it can be easy to neglect your posture completely. But having good posture is essential for a proper setup. Make sure you’re standing tall with your chest out and head up, as this will help keep your spine in the correct position at the address. Additionally, it’s also important to make sure you’re not swaying or rocking during the swing – any movement of your body can disrupt your timing and lead to inconsistent contact.

Adjust The Width of Your Stance

The width of your stance can help you gain more control over your shots. For most shots, you should aim to have your feet shoulder-width apart – this gives your body a stable base for the swing and helps reduce any swaying or rocking during the motion. As well as that, having your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart can also help with distance control, as it will give you more room to turn through the shot.

Reduce The Length of Your Swing

Finally, when setting up for the short game, it’s important to make sure you’re not taking too big of a swing. Taking too long of a backswing will cause your body to tense up and disrupt your timing, leading to poor contact with the ball. Instead, focus on making shorter swings with a little bit more clubhead speed – this will help you hit the ball more consistently and give you better control over your shots.


By ensuring you set up properly for the short game, you can make a big difference in your performance on the course. Taking the time to line up correctly and adjust as needed can help you hit more consistent shots, control your distance better, and ultimately lower your scores. With proper setup, you can have confidence that you’re doing everything in your power to make the most of every shot. 





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