Why is the Right Stance Width Important for Your Golf Swing

If you’re a beginner and have just started learning about golfing tricks, you might wonder how to find a good golf stance. Also, you might be wondering why the stance matters so much. Well, if you want to achieve a perfect golf swing, here’s why your stance width matters and how you can find your own perfect golf stance width.

Your anatomy

First and foremost, your stance width is important because your anatomy differs. You wouldn’t be able to achieve the same golf swing as someone whose body is built completely different from yours. 

The setup width will depend on your anatomy. Your shoulders will have little to do with your golf stance. Everyone has a different hip and shoulder width. This means that everyone’s width ratio between hips and shoulders is different. 

So, look at your hips, especially the sockets where your legs attach, and then determine the most comfortable stance width. 

Stability and Safety

Another reason your golf stance width matters is the stability of your body. If you’re standing in an extremely narrow position, you will easily lose your stability and risk your safety during the golf swing. 

On top of achieving stability, your goal of finding the right stance also has a lot to do with impact. The most crucial part of a good golf swing is getting perfectly stacked on the left side at impact, which allows you to rotate freely. 

During the swing, this is where the highest forces will occur on your body. Also, this is where a lot of injuries tend to occur if you’re not careful. While there may not be many injuries during the golf backswing since there’s not as much speed or force being used, the downswing can cause serious issues. This includes hip problems, back pain, and knee issues. 

This is why determining the right golf stance matters so much. If you want to reduce the risk of getting injured during the golf swing, you need to find a stance that will ensure your stability and safety. 

How to Find Your Correct Golf Stance Width

Finding the right golf stance width is difficult, and it’s nearly impossible to find a 100% perfect stance. You will mostly have to rely on your guesstimation to get as close to perfection as possible.

You first need to find a neutral joint alignment. All you need to do is find where the center of your knees, ankles, and hips stack up over each other. Since you can’t precisely figure out where the center of your hips is, you can figure that out based on feeling your hip’s bones. That might be a rough estimate, and everyone’s hips are shaped differently. For example, some people’s hip bones go out further than others.

What matters more is finding a position that feels most neutral for you and getting regular exercise. For instance, for someone, that could be when their legs are straight up and down, for others, it may be a bit wider stance width.

Then, you can go a few inches on either side of your neutral position. You will have a stable enough base so that when you rotate back, you will maintain stability. You’ll find getting your golf swing from that position much easier while ensuring your safety as you rotate through. 

Why a Wide Golf Stance Width Will Fail You

On the other hand, if you stand in a too-wide stance, your golf stance will most likely fail you. In that position, you will have to move your head off the ball to load up your right side of the backswing. Since you have to rotate around your spine, achieving this will be nearly impossible. 

If you try to avoid moving your head with a wide stance, you will always keep your weight and retain the benefit that the power shift allows you to have on your golf swing. Also, if your stance is too wide, you must move long to get your hips back into a neutral position. 


Overall, the right golf stance width is important. It allows you to achieve a perfect golf swing, protects your stability and safety, and ensures that your body can move freely without any obstacles. We hope these tips will help you enjoy a game of golf a tad more in your favorite indoor golf club this winter!




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