Great Tips for Left-Handed Golfers

Left-handed golfers face some unique challenges when playing. The majority of the population is right-handed, and manufactured golf equipment is predominantly made for right-handed players. 

Despite these obstacles, golfers with stronger left hands have several advantages over their right-handed counterparts. They have a natural backhand orientation and usually hit their shots with more power than right-handed golfers. As such, they are in the minority but still make around 7% of all professional golfers. 

Why do we need this information? 

Well, if you’re a left-handed golfer, you know that it comes with its own set of difficulties. Here are five top tips to help you as a southpaw golfer.

Set up your golf clubs for left-handers

It’s challenging to find golf clubs that are designed for left-handers. However, you can usually adapt right-handed clubs for use by left-handed players. 

The first thing you should do is replace your standard grip with an exceptional left-handed grip. Left-handed grips are designed to be held in the left hand so that you will hold the club in a more natural position. Left-handed golf clubs have a few different design aspects that make them better for lefties. On most standard golf club designs, the head will face the opposite direction from a left-handed golfer’s vantage point. That’s why most golf clubs are made for right-handed players.

Use a Grip Extension

If you’re struggling to get a good grip on your club, you can use a golf club grip extension. These are particularly useful for lefties. A grip extension will help you get a better grip on the club. Left-handed golfers often have trouble getting a proper grip on the club, as it’s made to be held in the opposite hand. A grip extension is a piece of rubber that you slip over the shaft of the club. You then hold the club as usual, with the extension at the end of the club. This will give you a better place to hold the club, which will help your game.

Attach a weight to your driver

Left-handed golfers tend to have a more powerful backswing motion than right-handed golfers, who usually have a more naturally controlled and fluid motion. 

If you need to add more power to your shot, adding weight to your driver will do the trick. Also, they should attach a weight to the back of their driver. Right-handed golfers should attach a weight to the front of their driver. Weighting your driver is a very unorthodox choice. 

Will it give you more power at the cost of some accuracy? Yes, definitely! 

It is a good choice if you want to add lots of power to your game. You can always remove the weight if you want to be more accurate.

Turn your driver upside down

If you want to add more accuracy to your game, try turning your driver upside down. Right-handed golfers who want to be more accurate should use a driver that’s turned upside down. Lefties should also use a driver that’s turned upside down. An upside-down driver will force you to be more accurate with your golf shots. It will make it much more challenging to hit over-the-fence golf shots. As a left-handed golfer, you will typically have more power and weaker accuracy when compared to right-handed golfers. So, turning your driver upside down will definitely help you increase your accuracy to the same level as any right-handed golfer.

Use flexible shafts and gear

If you struggle to get a consistent golf shot, you may benefit from switching to more flexible golf shafts and gear. Right-handed golfers who struggle with accuracy may benefit from using golf gear designed for people who rely more on their left hand. Left-handed golf gear is made to be more flexible than standard golf gear. 

But why? 

That’s because golfers with stronger left hands typically have a much longer backswing than right-handed golfers. This longer backswing means that they benefit from more flexible housing and shafts. If you’re struggling to get the same consistency with your golf shots as other golfers, consider switching to left-handed golf equipment.


Left-handed golfers face a unique set of challenges that their right-handed counterparts do not have to deal with. As such, they must thoroughly understand the tips outlined in this article. The five tips discussed in this article are designed to help lefties overcome the unique challenges they face as southpaws on the golf course. Will the tips be appreciated? Well, of course they will. We all like a little bit of help.



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