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What You Need to Know Before Your First Golf Lesson

Almost everyone starting golf feels a bit anxious about their first golf lesson. That’s perfectly understandable, but the truth is there’s no need for anxiety, as golf professionals are there for you and will guide you through your golf journey. Nonetheless, we prepared this article because it’s always better to be prepared. All you have to do is read on.

What Should I Expect When I First Arrive at a Golf Lesson?

An experienced golf coach will ask many questions and help you form goals. He may see in you a potential you never knew you had. Moreover, a good golf professional will help you relax before your first golf lesson because he knows many beginners feel anxious about their golf performance. And, he will start teaching you golf basics.

What Do I Need, and How Much Will It Cost?

Golf Clubs

In the beginning, you should buy your golf equipment slow and strategically. There’s no need to have all 14 clubs at your first golf lesson. You will need a golf club you can hit off the tee on par 4s and par 5s, two/three clubs you can drive the ball down the fairway at 100, 150, and 200-yard increments, a sand wedge, and a putter.

It’s a good idea to buy used clubs at first. You can find a variety of used golf clubs in excellent condition on eBay or even at your local golf equipment store. Some websites also offer used golf clubs at decent prices. Also, you can find sets of used clubs for less than 300 dollars in some places.

Golf Balls

Apart from clubs, you will need golf balls. The same as with golf clubs, you don’t need to spend a fortune before your first golf lesson. Try to get as many as you can for 30 dollars, and when you advance your skills, start being more specific.

Golf Bag

Moreover, you will need a golf bag. A decent one will cost more than 100 dollars, so if you’re unsure if golf is your thing, see if you can borrow one until you determine whether golf is your sport or not.

Other Golf Items

You will also need tees. Some golf clubs may provide them for free, but if not, buy a bunch of them, and you’ll be good for a long time. They are cheap, and every golfer can afford them.

Your golf club may provide a divot tool too, but if it doesn’t, make sure you buy one and have it always with you so you can repair marks on the green. A divot tool won’t hurt your wallet.

Also, bring a towel. You can use it to clean yourself or your clubs, but don’t use the same one for both actions. Maybe better have two on you just in case.

That’s it for a start, and it shouldn’t cost more than 600 dollars. If you’re lucky, you could get everything for half that price.

first golf lesson

How to Prepare for the First Golf Lesson to Get the Most Value from It?

A great golf coach will aim to get to know you during your first golf lesson to determine your learning style. Some players need an aggressive approach, while others a pat on the back.

The proven way to prepare for the first lesson is to open your mind and be as positive as possible. Some techniques your golf coach will put you through may surprise you, and that’s why you should enter your first lesson with an open mind and readiness.

How to Know When to Use Which Golf Club?

Your golf clubs will tell you when to use them, as each is designed for a particular purpose. The longest clubs – the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids – have less loft on the face and longer shafts, so the ball runs out more and goes further. The shafts on irons get shorter, and the loft increases, so the ball travels a shorter distance and comes down more steeply as you work your way through to a sand wedge.

Where Can I Hone My Skills Further?

A practice range is an excellent place to, well, practice. Even better if a facility allows you to hit off grass instead of a mat, as hitting off grass feels more realistic. Also, if you have enough space to swing at your home or backyard, you could set up a net and practice there. 

Indoor golf clubs are also a great place to hone your skills, especially during cold weather, as they feature golf simulators that give you info about your swing dynamics.

All in All

There you have it. Now, you’re well-prepared for your first golf lesson. And, if you find your place in the golf world, make sure you give your best, and the results will follow. Good luck!


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