Compare Mode: How Close Is My Swing To Pros?

Well, if you are going to compare yourself to anyone it should definitely be to the professionals.

But this can also be very overwhelming because professional golfers spend their whole lives practicing, while most amateur golf players never had a decent lesson.

They just take what they have learned from friends, watching tutorials and just playing the game.

Pro players work on their game constantly and take lessons from the top instructors with monitors collecting data during training so it can be analyzed later and applied on the next practice.

It’s not a surprise that there are big differences between the pro’s golf swing and an amateur’s.

But let’s look at the whole game because you need more than a good swing to play like a pro.

Every element counts

Golf is a complex game with many elements influencing the end result.

Which one would you say ultimately affects your score?

We can divide a golf game into 4 categories – putting, approaches, driving, short-game shots. When you think about the importance of each one you are probably thinking driving or putting is the most important. But that’s the wrong answer.

Approach shots are the ones you should be looking at. Among pros, up to 40% of the scoring advantage accounts for approach shots.

Get closer to the ball

Your position from the ball is crucial. If you stand too far from the ball your swing will become flatter.

The main side effect of this positioning is that your arms have to swing at the ball more, so your body can’t generate power properly. The result is a serious loss of distance.

Another side effect of this is that you’ll start swinging harder, which won’t get you anywhere.

Before you even start your swing you will be out of balance with your body reaching out to make contact with the ball and being way over bent. This leads to the club going around your body in a flatter way.

Don’t ruin your swing before you even start.

We should pay extra attention to every swing because every move is equally important. There are secret twists, turns and adjustments that you need to incorporate in your practice so you can swing like a pro.

Master your swing

Pro’s golf swing is unlike yours. It is well known that pros make moves in their swing that are radically different from an everyday golfer. But how is the pros swing so distinct from your own?

These 4 elements will make a huge difference if you can master them.

Start with your Backswing

The first trick pro golfers do is they keep their left arm straight during the swing and a full shoulder turn. This position of the arm enables them to have power when hitting the ball on the downswing.

The mistake an amateur commonly makes is they miss the full rotation of the shoulders. Another one is, during the backswing, they bend their left arm. This position leaves them with no advantage on the downswing.

No shoulder turn means cutting down on the ball.

Watch Your Downswing

If you want a pro’s golfer swing you should approach the ball from inside the target line which allows the club to swing at maximum speed through impact. A common mistake with amateurs is swinging down from outside the target line.

If your club is outside the target line on the downswing, you have to pull the club at the last second if you want to hit the ball at all.

This move messes up your swinging accuracy and speed.

Impact is Important

The difference in point of impact is crucial.

Amateurs usually hit the ball with the club shaft aiming away from the target this will cause a higher ball flight and shorter hits.

Professional golfers do it differently, their club shaft is aiming toward the target at the point of impact.

This takes loft off the club, resulting in a more piercing and longer flight of the ball.

Point of Release

Another little trick is to swing through impact with an open club face. Allow your club to rotate over as it should well after impact.

Pro golfers are amazing at squaring the clubface at impact, this provides them with a straight shot.

If you can figure out how to let the club release past your hands it will allow the toe of the club to rotate over the heel in the follow through and you’ll get that straight shot yourself.

Pro’s golf swing is like a work of art, it’s like fingerprints, each player has its own unique one. The precision of the moves and the timing must be perfect.

That can sound disappointing because it leads to a conclusion that no advice you might get can’t help you until you discover your own special swing.

But as different as a pro’s golf swing looks from an amateur, in the end they have more similarities than differences.

So do as the pro’s do and you’ll have that signature swing in no time.



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