What Is a Good Golf Etiquette?

Golf and etiquette are two words that you probably don’t hear in one sentence very often. Yet, here comes the surprise: golf etiquette is very important for your game. It is essential, actually. It is not just about the manners – it applies to game safety, the pace of play that will be enjoyable for all players.

Beginners on the golf court often learn as they go. Yet, if you want to avoid some awkward situations once you get to court, you came to the right place. We can show you some dos and don’ts on the golf court. Next thing you know, you’ll be the one sharing advice to the rookies! ol

Are you ready? If you are, don’t say anything, silence is gold when it comes to golf. That is our rule number one actually!

What are the five rules of golf etiquette?

Grasping all the concepts of golf etiquette takes time but writing everything down first could help you when you are starting.

• Enjoy the silence… we know you sang this part but keep it in the range of your inner monologue. Do not move or speak while another player is about to putt. Just imagine someone breaking your focus with talking? Not cool. This also applies to cell phone use. If you decided to enjoy the game, leave your phone behind. There will be time for selfies after the game.

• It is okay to take your time… but not too much time. While the game is on, the worst thing that can happen to you is to be the slowest player on the court. We know you practiced and you want to do it perfectly, but you remember your colleague aiming forever and that anxious ‘’c’mon’’ stuck in your head on the loop? Well, don’t be that player. 30 to 45 seconds is completely fine for you to strategize, take your club, anticipate your shot and do it! As easy as that! Yet, remember to respect other players and their tempo.

• Don’t lose your temper! We all remember Happy Gilmour playing but in reality, it is not like that. We know that losing a game is frustrating but it is way worse if you lose your temper as well. Savvy golf players see golf as a form of relaxation. So try not ruining the game for you and everyone else – just enjoy. There always will be a place for improvement and a chance to win.

• Stay out of putting lines of your fellow players – if you are not sure what does this means, it is the imaginary line connecting the ball with the hole. Your footprints can overcomplicate things for other players. So don’t ruin other players’ imagination and plans, be fair and stick to your own terrain. Also, make sure that you are not casting a shadow on the putting lines. Be kind and friendly. You don’t want to sabotage your fellow players like that. If you make a mistake, admit it.• Keep the greenery in all its glory. If you do damage to the green, make sure to repair it. Repair your divots, always.

Some bonus tips to look even better on the court…

You probably don’t want for everything around you to scream rookie (and no screaming, silence, remember?). There are some bonus tips we want to provide you with that will help you enjoy the game… and let the other enjoy as well.

• It is okay to cheer a good shot – but in a more appropriate and moderate fashion.

• Always follow the guidelines proposed by the association or club hosting the event.

• If you are not ready when it’s your turn – it is okay. Just encourage your fellow player to take your turn and buy more time.

• Always wear sneakers or golf shoes.

• Make sure that all players played, wait for everyone before leaving the green area for the next tee.

• Always let the winner of the previous hole tee go first to the next tee.

And remember

The most important thing in the world is to enjoy the game. Golf is a very sophisticated game, very competitive but in the end, the main goal is to relax. To learn some new strategies, ask for some advice from more experienced players, to find your own pace and equipment that suits you.

For many people, golf is both a favorite sport and a favorite hobby. Don’t be discouraged by strict rules, try sticking to rules and seek help from your fellow players or caddies.

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