Indoor Golf in NYC – a Perfect Hobby

Indoor golf in NYC – a perfect use of time for everyone who wants to take a break from the urban jungle and create their own little oasis of peace… meet people who are like minded.

If you are living in the middle of a hectic city like New York  – you need to find a practical way to relax and stay in shape, both physically and mentally.  Golf is always a great option because it will keep you both focused and entertained and it is always popular no matter what. It is easy to follow the rules, you can clear your mind of everything bothering you and just enjoy the experience. Although it is never really easy to simply take your clubs and go to the golf course when you live  in NY, even during the summer months, what about the winter or other inclement days? And you simply don’t want to have that large gap in the practice of the game you love.

That is why indoor golf is your perfect choice. Indoor golf has everything you need in a convenient location and you don’t need to worry about the weather conditions. It is not just a pale copy of the outdoor golf experience, it brings something new, entertaining and interesting to the table.  Today we are breaking down why indoor golf is such a perfect hobby for people living in a big city. What are the major benefits of indoor golf? Let’s find out.

Indoor golf is an ideal mental exercise

Let’s face it – no one goes to the golf course to get in shape. That’s what weights and cardio are for. By playing golf you improve your stability, focus and concentration. Physical and mental health are intertwined-  your golf game will get an additional boost if you are in better shape, so take care of all the aspects. You will be amazed how your coordination improves over time, how sharp and fast your movements are… and you get to actually hit something, which is an awesome stress relief 🙂

It is affordable and has some really good benefits

Indoor golf is a sort of micro-universe for the purebred golf enthusiasts. It is not just about the game itself – it is about socializing with people who share the same passion.  Konnect Indoor Golf in NYC combines the all-important aspects – the game, healthy competition, game improvement and socializing…and have we mentioned craft beer and fine wine in the lounge? Even those who don’t play golf are probably thinking to stop by. Membership is very affordable when you think about all these benefits.

Indoor golf in NYC – it is close to everyone living in The Big Apple

Indoor golf is also practical for logistics reasons. Traveling back and forth to the golf course could be extremely exhausting and time-consuming, you will probably be excited on the way there, but coming back is always the most boring part. If only there was a solution to this… oh wait, there is. Konnect indoor golf is located on 5th avenue which is ideal for so many of us. You will save  lots of time and expense you will get to enjoy your favorite sport – a bit longer.

Don’t think about the weather

Leave the conversation about the weather for those moments when you simply just don’t know what to say. It is just for filling in blanks. With indoor golf, you will have all the important aspects of the game in one place. You don’t need to travel far from your home and watch the weather forecasts to find a perfect day to enjoy your hobby. Indoor golf always has the perfect conditions for you to enjoy the game – every time.

Meet new people and play with your friends

Why not both? If you and your friends share the same passion for playing golf – it is time to make the game even more interesting. You can meet new people, grab a drink or two and compete for some really nice awards. If you share the same passion with your coworkers – there is an option for corporate membership. Let the games begin!

Are you ready to Konnect?

It is time to connect or should we say… Konnect on a brand new level.  Let us create an immersive environment for you to enjoy your favorite hobby, even during the winter months. Indoor golf in NYC will soon become your favorite hobby and a place to grab a drink and to be social and a bit competitive with your fellow members and guests. And it is just around the corner! Treat yourself this year and join us, we have plenty of fun experiences to offer.



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