Indoor Golf Drills That You Can Practice at Home

Practice makes perfect and that is the only truth. When you play golf you know just how important all the details are. Your posture, stability, balance – well, literally everything.

So your practice doesn’t end when you leave the golf course or indoor golf facility. During the winter season it is important to stay in shape. And to determine all your strengths and weaknesses as well! If you are a beginner we already have some ideas about the problems that you are facing.

But it is your chance to set some good foundations for your future game, it takes time and a lot of practice. If you consider yourself a pro – there are some indoor golf drills that you can practice at home. With these drills, you will activate muscles you never thought of having and work more on your balance, stability, and coordination.

Also, make sure that you have just enough space to practice. You don’t want to smash your furniture or television set, so we highly recommend practicing in the garden, garage or in the spare room. Still, if you need more space – come to the Konnect golf, we have plenty. And we can give you some useful advice to improve your game also.

Keep it simple!

Golf players that are at the very beginning of the adventure tend to overcomplicate things. Keep it simple. The secret lies in body rotation and if you overthink it too much – your golf club will feel more unstable.

Try to align your strokes. To get a better idea use books or boxes that will act like pointers of where the head of your golf club should aim. Place the limiters north and south of your golf ball and try to be more precise.

Distance control comes naturally

Time to be a little more zen! This practice will help you with proper distance control. We are not going to lie, it would be very very challenging but it can do real magic.

Try to put one ball on the top of the penny. And then try to put the other one toward the first one without moving the first one. Yeah, we mentioned that it won’t be easy but it will help you to properly estimate the distance and everything will go much faster from there. It also helps with calming your nerves.

Shoulder and hip rotation

Many players have problems with moving shoulders and hips simultaneously while hitting the ball. This could kick you out of your balance so you need to work on better coordination and to make the shoulders move while the lower part of your body should be still.

Try with some easier exercises first, ones that will make you more flexible. Then later you can add an extra weight. Hold the weight above your head and try to move shoulders on your left side and keep them that way while the lower part is still. Then turn to the right side.

Never skip a leg day – indoor golf edition

For this indoor golf drill at home, you will need a football (size 3 or 5, depending on your build). Stand in the proper position and keep the football between your legs. Keep the right golf posture and distribute the weight on the inside part of your legs.

This practice is created for perfecting your moves, dynamics and weight distribution. Try to swing. If the ball drops on the floor – you need to do it again.

Continue with golf lessons

Of course, the secret of successful golf players lies in continuous work and constant improvements. That is the reason why you should not skip important golf lessons. Work closely with your professional golf coach and practice at home – and step by step, strike by strike, you will see with your very eyes that a serious change is happening.

Practice at home during the week and aim to work on your golf lessons with your coach at least once a week. The coach will help you monitor your progress and will let you know if you are making some mistakes.

Sure, it won’t happen overnight and there is no magic thing to skip that entire process – but it would be worthwhile in the end when you step to the golf course.

Research and more research

It is not just about working out. You can also split your moves to tiny particles and then work on all the details. Maybe it will help you to see the moves of the famous golf champions and maybe to read some of their tips. At Konnect golf, we can record your game and you can do your research and you can compare your game with other players.

It will give you a better perspective and more ideas on how to play even better.



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