Indoor Golf as a Team Building Experience

Indoor golf can be an amazing team building activity. In every company, no matter how big or small, you have passionate golfers talking about their hobby during coffee break. So team-building with golf in the spotlight doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

It is a fun and inclusive activity and everyone can learn its rules very fast. And since indoor golf gained popularity, there are no limits to play. We bet that you will be back for more.

Indoor golf for team building is actually a great idea

When you mentioned golf as a corporate team-building experience,  you have probably got everyone thinking the same. And that is the golf season is months away and your crew simply craves a high-quality time together. That shouldn’t be a serious issue now when indoor golf exists.

No, indoor golf is not a novelty toy that will go away in a few months. And we know that some of you are probably thinking it is just simply not the real deal. You will be surprised by how great the game is, not to mention how realistic it is.

Indoor golf has been present for quite a while now and it has evolved big time. What is important to mention is that you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy all the benefits of this interesting game.  It is meant for both pros and rookies alike, created to give you an amazing experience.

If you own an IT company, you are probably working with a bunch of die-hard fans of the latest tech. They will probably be thrilled to explore the history and evolution of indoor golf equipment and then try it out.

Indoor golf in the middle of manhattan

Our indoor golf facility is neatly located in Manhattan. When someone tells you that you can play golf in Manhattan you will probably think he lost his mind.

How to throw a memorable indoor golf team-building tournament – the first step is to check for availability through our app and tell us how many people will participate.

Konnectgolf can accommodate up to 75 people. It is great for both bigger and more private events. There is enough space for everyone to feel welcome, just big enough to create some quality team building/bonding. Also, you can make it more competitive – there are lots of prizes waiting from our sponsors.

Want to get the upper hand? Try some golf lessons

If you think you are a bit rusty and your golf game is not that great, try lessons. And, of course, you want to look good in front of your employees or your business partners. It is no secret that Konnectgolf has some serious players on board – take a few golf lessons before the season starts from our professional golf coaches.

You will be back on track very soon and you will be showing off some serious skills!

Golf environment with the latest technology

Indoor golf is not just about the nice scenery playing in the background . No, indoor golf goes much much deeper than that. It is a very sophisticated technology, designed to create the most immersive environment.

It is a real treat for worshipers of the latest tech on the market because the software is continually updated to get you the most realistic experience on the market.

You will be amazed at how precise our equipment is. And we can switch your perspective a bit – you can see every strike in slow motion to help you discover your full potential. If you are a rookie it would help you to set strong foundations for your future play. Maybe this time you are part of the team, but at the next team building event, you could be a team leader.

Have we mentioned trophies and craft beer and wine?

No one can say ‘’no’’ to that. We have a bar and lounge waiting for you and your team to relax after a fun productive team building tournament. Just leave the craft beer and wine for later, you want everyone to stay sharp while playing the game. Everyone will leave for home feeling satisfied, taking with them some nice trophies and a memorable experience, so that you will definitely want to do it all over again.

We all love golf, it’s just that some don’t know it yet.



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