How to Improve Your Golf Game During Winter

If you are a passionate golfer, you will probably get more depressed in winter. No wonder it is called the seasonal depression. But we know it looks much harder when you are passionate about your play.

Golf is not just a game of a hobby, we all know that. It never goes out of style…but unfortunately, it goes out of season.

Spring looks so far away from this point but it doesn’t mean that you need to turn into a couch potato and watch Netflix all the time. Winter can actually be your secret weapon to improve your golf game.

You will have enough time to think about your game, be more introspective and look at things from different angles. Winter months shouldn’t be so boring.

First, you need to think about your goals once you are back on track again. You want to see some serious progress, but not to lose any of the progress you’ve made already.

It is time to think about all the important aspects of your game: your mind needs to stay sharp, you need to work on your moves and to get used to that new equipment you’ve been saving for so long.

It is a great time for buying new equipment

Well, in the wintertime you will probably manage to get a discount for golf clubs you’ve wanted for so long. But don’t let them simply stay there in the closet, waiting for the sun to shine and make them shine in all of their glory also. Practice your swings.

On the other hand, if you already have the right equipment, you can think about replacing worn grips. Set them to fit your hand perfectly.

Take golf lessons

The rule is – if you thought you need golf lessons, you probably really need them. If you don’t think you need golf lessons…well, you probably are going to need them. There is no end to improving your game and that is a fact. Especially when the long pause is ahead of you.

Our tip is to find proper indoor golf lessons in NYC for example and start practicing. The big apple is famous because nowadays golf fans are simply flocking to practice golf in immersive indoor facilities. Indoor golf changed a lot – the tech behind indoor golf is an amazing tool to improve your game big time!  You will get your trainer and we already mentioned changing your perspective.

You will actually have a chance to watch a video of your game slowed down so you can inspect every aspect of your strike and move. That will give you some useful insights about your game style and make some room for further improvements to your game.

Remain fit

This should be a goal for the entire year. It is not just about looking great, it is about being healthy and mobile. People say that golf is more like a hobby then sport but that is not necessarily true.

During the winter months, your lifestyle is mostly sedentary and you might experience muscle atrophy. This could influence the quality of your game and it will take more time to get you on the track. And while you struggle to get back, the season end is already gone. So, keep your shape in the winter months also. Combine cardio and weight lifting to keep your muscles in order. You will be amazed by the results.

Read more books and do your research!

Of course, the secret of successful golf players is not hiding somewhere in the expensive equipment. It is also not just about the strength of your body, but the strength of your mind. So, it is time to explore the game of the most famous players. Read the books, do more research online and watch the videos. You may notice some details you never noticed before and use them to your advantage.



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