How to Clean Golf Clubs

To keep tidy equipment you need to learn how to clean golf clubs and be ready for every season.

The golden rule applies to everyone whether a good golfer or a beginner. Regular cleaning of golf clubs should be approached with discipline, it should be a routine.

Something similar to horse riding training. Your horse has to be clean and tidy both before and after training.

Cleaning golf clubs is also important for the reason that your performance will be better than it is with dirty ones.

Regular cleaning is necessary if you want to maintain your equipment to be preserved for a long time.

Another advantage of regularly maintaining golf clubs in good condition is the fact that golf clubs are expensive, so it is useful to avoid frequent purchases.

Before storing at the end of the season, it is important and useful to thoroughly clean the golf clubs.

How to clean golf clubs – the process

Cleaning golf clubs is easy, yet one method is not enough to apply to different parts of the golf club.

First of all the following rules of how not to clean golf clubs is extremely important:

○ Do not use water that is too hot – If it’s too hot then different materials such as the ferrules can warp. If water is too cold it will take a decade for the dirt to loosen

○ Do not use steel wool to scratch off grim dirt – this is likely to damage and scratch the surface

○ Once again, do not put any equipment away while it is still damp – golf club irons are made from steel which will rust when exposed to water and air. Humidity is also the cause of mold

So let’s start.

Prepare the following elements for the golf clubs spa treatment:

How to clean metal woods

○ A bucket – or you can use a kitchen sink

○ Water – lukewarm water

○ Light liquid soap

○ A soft-bristled brush or toothbrush

○ A few old towels

Polish – depending on the design of your golf clubs, you will need either a metal polish or wood polish. Polish adds a fine touch to your club

For metal woods, such as drivers and fairway woods, the cleaning process is different, as these kinds of golf clubs should not be submerged in water.

○ Mix warm water and light liquid soap into a bowl or a bucket to create plenty of soap suds (depending on how many clubs you need to clean).

At this stage of the process be sure to avoid chemicals such as bleach or heavy detergents to protect the color and texture of your equipment

○ Dip your soft-bristled brush or toothbrush into the mixture and carefully scrub your club head, making sure that it doesn’t get too wet.

Run the brush across the sole of the iron and over the back of the clubhead, removing any mud, sand, and grass

○ Once you’ve cleaned the club head, dry it off with an old towel to ensure it doesn’t go back into your bag wet

How to clean golf club shafts

After cleaning golf club heads next is a very important process of cleaning golf club shafts.

In case you have a rust situation of golf club shafts, it is advisable to use vinegar and a cloth. Gently remove any residue, being careful not to scratch the shaft.

After you’ve done this, make sure to dry the shaft from the vinegar thoroughly.

In some cases, if needed you can spray the surface with WD-40 and clean them with a nylon brush.

Once you have washed the shaft, wipe it dry.

For the graphite models, it is recommended to use waxing as a polishing finishing touch. Car wax can also do the trick to bring back a nice shine.

How to clean golf club grips

The phenomenon of static friction of hands-on grip during the game is extremely important to every golf player.

The grips of a golf club can undoubtedly get dirty and worn from greasy sun lotions, hand creams, and first of all sweat, so in this case, the player could probably lose the good grip.

Don’t forget to clean the golf club frequently, ideally after each game you play.

The modus operandi of how to clean golf clubs grips is so simple, use moistened fabric and clean the entire grip area and then wash out with water. Of course, make certain that the water is not hot to protect the grips from damage. Thereafter use a dry towel.

When cleaning with the rest of the parts the simplest way is to run it under running lukewarm water before adding the light liquid soap mix.

Next, use a sponge and clean the grip by making soothing scrubbing motions.

To accomplish the process run grips through the warm water again. Be careful to protect the glue that grasps the grip to the shaft, so you must not use the hot water.

Again use the dry old towel to soak off the water from every part of the grip.


All in all, if you want to learn how to clean golf clubs you should stick to the rules above.

When you put away your golf clubs make sure that they are dry and clean. It would be very sloppy to leave them wet and dirty in the storage. This may cause rust to develop and also possible damage.

Following the rules of how to clean golf clubs provide neat and tidy upkeep of equipment. Furthermore, it grants us space to be economical about the frequent golf clubs purchase.
On the other hand, if you desire rather not to get busy and often spend time cleaning golf clubs the option is indoor golf. If you desire to play indoor golf you can always become our member. There is no dirt, no rain, or any other natural disasters, only you and your goodwill. It’s up to you.



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