Hole in One – Skill or Luck?

Going for the highest score is the aim of every sportsman. Hitting the “Ace” in golf is extremely rare, and therefore it has the wow factor. The everlasting question is what it takes to achieve something that is almost unbelievable.

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Do Professionals Use Indoor Simulators?

Modern technology brought forth many interesting innovations to the world of golf. One of the most prominent ones comes in the form of indoor golf simulators. If you’ve already been using this tech to advance your game and perfect your skills,

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What Is Par in Golf?

There’s nothing like a good game of golf to get the blood going. It’s just you, maybe a couple of buddies, the deep blue sky, the green grass beneath your feet, and the swishing sound of golf balls flying through

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What Is an Albatross in Golf?

Without a doubt, golf is one of the most complex games one can play. Becoming a professional golfer takes years of practice and dedication. In a sea of successful players, there are some results that are so rare that achieving

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Easy Ways to Carry a Golf Bag

Are you having a tough time carrying a golf bag? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can drastically reduce the discomfort associated with walking with a loaded golf bag by following our tips below. You know what to

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What Is a Gimme in Golf?

You’ve likely heard of a gimme if you’ve ever played golf. A gimme in golf is a putt so short that players deem it unmissable and allow the one who needs to putt to pick the ball up and count

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How to Measure Golf Club Length?

Even if you already have your set of clubs, or you are seeking to create a new one, a good lesson you can learn today is measuring them correctly. Just like all great recipes for success include measuring, therefore a

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