Golf and Team Building: A Supreme Combination!

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy… and we all know how that story ended. You may notice that your employees are not as motivated to work on their tasks as they were before.

We had a rough year behind us, things are getting back to normal gradually, and we are still learning how to restore teamwork morale after learning to live in the era of social distancing.

So it would help if you made your employees happy and motivated to help them maintain the optimal productivity level.

Retaining highly skilled talent is never an easy task, but having loyal and talented workers by your side should be your number one priority. Therefore, it is time for team building.

Team building online is excellent, but…

Team building online was always a great idea, but your employees are probably aching for quality outdoor activities.

Unfortunately, not all people are talented for sports or feel comfortable with high-intensity activities when they want to relax.

So what is the best way to find the middle ground between competitive sport and a hobby that all your employees will enjoy? It is golf!

Golf and team building represent a match made in heaven – everyone can play it, the rules are simple, it can help you build up a fantastic team spirit.

And when you are hitting that ball, you can imagine punching that colleague you don’t particularly like. It can be a stress relief. Jokes aside, maybe you guys will get along eventually.

Who knows, maybe some of your employees are about to discover their new hobby right there.

Just imagine – a sunny day, neverending fields of picturesque green grass, all your employees having a great time.

So before you grab your equipment that’s been waiting for so long, it is time for the preparation of your exclusive team-building event!

Location, location…

When you are thinking about a perfect golf course, you need to remember that you need to find a course where your employees will feel relaxed and not under pressure for team building events.

It means – you need to avoid these fancy high-end courses. Instead, think of miniature private courses, nine-hole courses – cause if you go bigger than that, you will not get home soon enough, and your teams are maybe going to get a bit bored.

Ensure that the location has enough parking spots, a meeting room, and enough space for training and preparation.

Also, make sure to provide proper equipment. Beginner golf clubs will do the trick, but make sure that you have enough for everyone, enough for both ladies and gentlemen.

Check the skills of your employees first

Yeah, we know that you know their skills and strengths in the workspace, but you will need to check for their strengths when playing golf.

Every employee has a different understanding of how to play, and you want everyone to feel included and contribute to your team. So when you split the teams, make sure that the strengths are equally distributed – if you have crafty golf players in your company, it will be their perfect time to shine. And others can keep learning.

Which game will help you accommodate all players equally? Scramble stroke is popular and with an excellent reason.

When playing Scramble Stroke- every player has an opportunity to strike a shot. After all, players played, deciding which one is the best and then continuing from that spot. And the game goes on until the ball is in the hole.

This will help you improve communication, decision making and it will inspire healthy competition.

How long should your game last?

Of course, you can play for the entire day, but it is best to keep it to a 2 to 3 hours limit. You will make sure that your employees are not bored and engaged.

If things get boring for some people, the point of team building is lost. So keep it reasonable, and don’t forget snacks and refreshments ready for them.

It is always great to organize catering because people will get hungry a lot. Plus, it is always more accessible for people to bond around the tasty food. BBQ is the simplest yet effective choice to spice up the game and keep people energized.

Don’t forget about prizes

At the end of the exciting day, don’t forget to give awards to your employees. They will feel appreciated, motivated and they will eagerly wait for the next tournament.

You can get them valuable prizes, or you can play and be a bit humorous to lighten up the mood. Who had the most outlandish outfit? Which team was the loudest? Options are endless, but make sure that your employees go home happy with something that will make them remember a great team experience.
Now, that said, if you decide to organize a good golf retreat for your employee team building, try out the summer camp with your employees!



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