Custom-Fitting: Why in Golf?

We know you are not like many amateur golfers who are deferring the improvement of their skills by still following the old belief that club fitting isn’t for them. So we were determined to provide you with a solid answer to the  question that pops up more and more these days, and the question is ‘Custom-Fitting: Why in Golf?’

We have heard many players say – once their golf game starts getting better then they will take professional fitting into consideration, but it’s not worth it just yet.

Using the wrong clubs can badly affect your swing and lead to forming bad habits in your game.

Many golfers are unaware of the fact that it has become increasingly popular to custom fit your gear. Not only professionals are seeing the benefits of it but it can improve the game of an average Joe or plain Jane.

What you should know is that custom fitting is becoming, now more than ever,  essential for many golfers when splashing out on new gear. But where do you get your custom fit, and do you have the budget for it?

New is not always the best

When you’re thinking about an upgrade, know that you don’t have to spend $3,000 on brand new clubs, and you don’t even have to buy a full set.

The most recent equipment released does not necessarily mean a good fit. Some fitters advise beginners to start with just a few clubs that fit correctly.

For instance, if you get a sand wedge, a driver, a pitching wedge and a 7-iron this will give you proper basic tools you can use to learn with.

Most retailers and professionals offer free fittings if you buy anything.

The way national custom fit centers do it is by charging you on the day of fitting, but if you place an order the price will be taken off your purchase. In other places, you just pay a set fee for a session, no matter if you place an order or not.

Common places to go to for a custom fitting

Many clubs have enlisted custom fitting.

First and foremost find a professional at your club, they should be quite experienced at golf club custom fitting and can provide you with the basics of it.

This can involve hitting balls into a practice net and static measurements to get a more accurate picture of the club feel. Also using launching monitors on a driving range to compare data between different models and shafts while you’re hitting the ball.

Another solution is to go to an independent fitter, they are not so common but maintain truly personal service. As it is their main point of business.

Some golfers argue best option is to find a national custom fit center. They should have every model for the brand of your choice, with all the shaft and grip options you want to try, and to add to it all, the newest launch monitor technology.

The final place you can look for a custom fitting is on a demo day. This happens when the spokesperson from major manufacturers are sent to clubs all over the country to spend some time to demonstrate the current ranges, giving many players the chance to try models that are unavailable to them regularly.

Your gear should fit your needs

What proper fitting can implement in your game is a possibility of change that will affect these five essential aspects of it, your accuracy, consistency, trajectory, feel, and distance.

These five features are the key to systematically and fully achieving the improvement for every player.

This is accomplished by analyzing everything – the golfer’s size, strength, athletic ability. Previous and current set specifications can provide a good understanding of the game.

Also the swing characteristics like clubhead speed, swing path, transition force, swing tempo, as well as obtaining feedback from the golfer on the feel elements and shot shape.

The main goal of custom club fitting is to provide you with a personalized set of clubs that will enable you to improve your game to the best of your ability.

It will help you to achieve maximum game improvement because a true custom-fit set of golf clubs is irreplaceable to the golfer.

Every adjustment that is made on each club in the bag is key for the golfer’s game upgrade.

Custom fitting is about performance improvement

Whatever your current game level is, we are sure you want to boost it up.

I guess the custom fitting is starting to sound like a must if you consider yourself a real golfer. More important than having the best gear is having the gear that fits your game perfectly.

So grab your clubs,find the closest fitting spot and let’s level up.



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