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Hosting an Event at Indoor Golf Club

Konnectgolf can help you with event planning. Our team is specialized not just for playing golf and helping you improve your game, but for hosting memorable events as well. We know how to play, but we also know how to throw a great party. Indoor golf is a very flexible sport and it can be a very interesting indoor activity. Enjoy a great game, discuss new tactics, meet new people. Anything you can imagine we can organize in no time.

What to do first? Start off by giving us a call 646-370-1452 or send us an email. We will check availability and you can let us know all the important details. It is great for both small and big parties. We have enough space and plenty of ideas – indoor golf can be very versatile when people have enough imagination. Here are some of our favorite events we had a chance to host many times.

Bachelor party

If you are the best man there is a pretty big responsibility ahead of you. Decadent bachelor parties are not everyone’s cup of tea so use this power wisely. You need to be original to provide a fun activity everyone will enjoy, have fun and get valuable prizes in the end.

Well, if you decide to organize a unique bachelor party tournament, Konnect can host a private event that will help you reconnect with your old friends, have a great time and enjoy great beer between the games. We also offer traveling opportunities – so why not try something completely different? We bet no one thought of that before. 

Birthday parties

The birthday boy or girl probably does not expect the surprise party at the indoor golf facility. It would be a pleasant surprise and a fun experience for all attendees. Imagine all your family members playing or your friends showing off some serious golfing skills? So much better than classic parties where people sing ‘’Happy Birthday’’ unenthusiastically. Dare to be different and celebrate your birthday in style. 

Team building 

Konnectgolf has enough space to accommodate 75 people. So this means small and big teams are both welcome to our facilities. Golf is great for team building activities for several different reasons – you don’t have to have previous knowledge, just goodwill to learn and to enjoy. 

Think about the game that will include everyone – split into two teams and let everyone get involved. Spice things up a bit with different awards in this unique tournament. You will build that unique team spirit and you will get your employees asking you when you will organize an indoor golf tournament again.

This is also great if you want to impress your business partners. Negotiations go more smoothly when you add a fun activity and a healthy dose of competition. Let them see you in a completely different light.

Parent and child quality bonding time

If you are a parent of a rebellious teenager who simply loves technology more than hanging outside and having sports activities – we can help. You are probably a savvy golf player that wants to share your hobby with your kid, and that is great. It can help with removing that divide between the generations.

If your child loves technology so much, he/she will probably be amazed by how indoor golf works. The game will help with channeling the energy in the right way, help you reconnect on a whole different level and develop an interest in the game. Next time your kid will probably bring his friends and it can be your monthly ritual. And golf will remain in the family for the next generation and so on!


If you are hopelessly romantic and you are in love with both your significant other and golf as well – it is time to merge these two with this beautiful combination. You can enjoy a perfect night of indoor golf. Join the forces with your significant other or find out who plays better. Couples that have common interests tend to stay together longer. Just don’t get too competitive, make  sure to show how supportive you are. And we are here to back you up!

Ladies night

Manhattan, golf and fine wine – what is not to love here? We know that ladies like to play golf too. So if you are bored of dancing the night away, drinking cocktails and other such mundane activities – it is time to shake up your routine a bit. 

Get your girls and organize an extraordinary night. You can be both stylish and competitive and passionate about your game. Take a sip of high-quality wine in between games and then show just how powerful a swing you have!


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