Different Types of Golf Shots

As simple as it may seem at the first glance, it is never just hitting the ball. It is choosing the right strategy and the sequence of golf shots that may bring you to the best score. The best professionals are those who excel in controlling the speed and the flight of the ball. Which […]

Choose your Golf Grip – Strong, Weak or Neutral

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “strengthen your grip” before. It doesn’t tell you to tighten or loosen your grip on the club. In fact, what it’s referring to is the way you place your hands on the club. The golf grip is probably the most important choice an amateur golfer will make at the beginning […]

Brief History of Golf Ball

May I ask you, what is everyone looking at while on the golf course? The ball. How far did it go? Where has it landed? Let’s take a walk through the history of the golf ball and find out what makes it so special. The modern balls are made of layers, composed of different synthetic […]

How to Avoid and Prevent Common Golf Injuries

Becoming a master of the craft requires lots of time, practice, and patience. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, and many obstacles in between. Unfortunately, the most common obstacles athletes face are injuries. As a low-impact sport, golf may seem ‘more casual’ in comparison to – let’s say – gymnastics, but in […]

Hole in One – Skill or Luck?

Going for the highest score is the aim of every sportsman. Hitting the “Ace” in golf is extremely rare, and therefore it has the wow factor. The everlasting question is what it takes to achieve something that is almost unbelievable. Would it be supreme skill and practice? Or is it a great deal of good […]

Difference Between Golf Simulator and Golf Course

The non-traditional way of golfing has become extremely popular. With golf simulator facilities blossoming around the world, people now have a chance to play the sport in unconventional ways. It took some time to break out of stigmas related to a traditional golf course, but now, many people are enjoying the fruits of modern technology. But, […]

Do Professionals Use Indoor Simulators?

Modern technology brought forth many interesting innovations to the world of golf. One of the most prominent ones comes in the form of indoor golf simulators. If you’ve already been using this tech to advance your game and perfect your skills, you could probably give your own list of advantages. But the main question is – […]

How Accurate are Golf Simulators?

Throughout the year, going to a golf course can become a bit of a hassle. We can be prevented from doing what we enjoy most due to a busy schedule, rainy forecast, or simply the fact that it’s winter. Fortunately, golf simulators can bring us the joy we’re missing, even at home. By using projections […]

What You Need to Know Before Your First Golf Lesson

Almost everyone starting golf feels a bit anxious about their first golf lesson. That’s perfectly understandable, but the truth is there’s no need for anxiety, as golf professionals are there for you and will guide you through your golf journey. Nonetheless, we prepared this article because it’s always better to be prepared. All you have […]

What Is Par in Golf?

There’s nothing like a good game of golf to get the blood going. It’s just you, maybe a couple of buddies, the deep blue sky, the green grass beneath your feet, and the swishing sound of golf balls flying through the air. Now, if you’re a beginner, getting the basics down is essential. You want […]